Not all Roleplay is Serious - Episode 2: B3OWULF by Erunno
Class: Multiple | Category: Machinima | Server : EU - Argent Dawn ( Bloodlust )
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Not All Roleplay is Serious
By, Nixxiom and Erunno - Silverlined Productions and Blind Man Studio

The roleplay continues as Erunno and Nixxiom both find themselves before a town under attack by a massive black dragon! Citizens run in terror and many meet their fates at the dragon's wrath. What are Erunno and Nixxiom to do!?

Nixxiom voiced by, Matt Greenburg
Erunno voiced by, himself

Made by, Nixxiom and Erunno

-Silverlined Productions Youtube Page:
Silverlined Production
-Blind Man Studio Youtube Page:
Blind Mans Studio
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