Beyond the Portals by Cryect
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This video explores the Caverns of Time and I know your saying "Caverns of Time again!?!?" but this isn't your ordinary Caverns of Time video.

I strived for something a little different actually exploring all the zones that go beyond the CoT and looking into the lore behind them. I hope you will find even if you have been to the locations covered that you will at least learn something new. And before anyone asks yes its all on Live 1.9 servers. Now make note you can't just go and do everything I did its essentially akin to model switching (yeah the stuff to make night elves nude but some of its easier than that) with my own twists. No, I won't tell you exactly how its done but lots of clues have been laid out for those who are observant and want to replicate them (I already know of one person who's replicated my methods on his own).

But please rate my video not based on how you think it was done but on the video itself :)

In particular, I explore the following zones in depth.

Caverns of Time
Old Hillsbrad
Black Morass

You can find me on #nogg-aholic on but I'm often AFK..
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