Icecrown Citadel - ABYSS by Glem
Class: Multiple | Category: Dungeons / PvE | Server : EU - Dalaran ( Cataclysme )
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Let me introduce myself I'm Glemdiah, former player of the guild ABYSS / ORION and MovieMaker amateur.

I come here today to my latest video about World of Warcraft guild ABYSS in the Citadel of Ice Crown 25 players.

Some will remember me and the first component in Blackwing Lair guild ORION (This is the same guild, just a restructuring) in 2006, returns had been very positive, I hope sincerely that this second album you like.

Informations : The video is 1.64go for a period of 28 minutes HD1080. Filming began in January 2010 and ended in early July.

Information about the guild ABYSS: Guild Master - Fagorn; Team Officer - Icelys, Soak, Meyah and Lucilia.

ABYSS is a small guild of gamers in World of Warcraft universe, between casual and hardcore players there reigns a really good boy and people are very friendly and warm. Becoming a view "fun" with a minimum of serious, day today, their advanced PvE allows them to be on Arthas in heroic mode.

The guild is recruiting, website:

Best regards,
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