Cataclysm - Improved Sheep by Fereh
Class: Mage | Category: Other | Server : EU - Doomhammer ( Blackout )
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Movie Summary
I made this movie to show how ridiculous the new talent Improved Sheep (Arcane) Mages get in cataclysm is.

It is great fun, but it is not even remotely possible that the talent will stay as it is when cata hits the shops.

I suggest that you watch this movie in HD seeing how the quality difference is big.

Link to char:


I am really sorry that I open and close the backpack all the time, it's a bad habit that I got problems losing.
It's so bad that I had to remove my backpack keybind on live servers seeing how it is irritating and destroys good (pvp) clips.

Movie without bags :'(

The crystal method - weapons of mass distortion
The Kooks - Always where I need to be.

Thanks for watching!
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