Inventing Swear-Words by Oxhorn
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Inventing Swear Words 3

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The censors in the game can be quite a pain for those who desire to swear. Sure, you can turn the censor off, but how then will you communicate with those that have it on? Oxhorn, Staghorn and Mortuus have decided to invent curse words in order to aid communication.

Inventing Swear-Words won an honorable mention in the Blizzard & Xfire World of Warcraft Machinima Contest.

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All glory and honor goes to Jesus Christ, for I have no right or reason to think too much of myself. Besides, I wolsh my chakkin blit far too much to be worth a flak.

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As requested, here are the Oxhorn Dictionary Entries of the new swear words:

Grat (graat) interjection - Used to express extreme displeasure.

Chak (chaakk) adjective - Used to modify a noun or pronoun; carries a negative connotation.

Blit (blitt) - 1) A person who is thoroughly disliked, 2) an unpleasant difficulty.

Flak (flak) multi-functional - Can be used in nearly any circumstance, and often carries an intense or distasteful meaning. As a person, place, thing or idea, as any action or event, as a modifier of nearly any verb, etc.

Wolsh (wohlsh) adjective - Used to modify a noun or pronoun. Indicates an action detrimental to the recipient.

Links: - Oxhorn's Website.
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