FUDK3: Gamma by Oozo
Class: Druid | Category: PvP | Server : US - Uther ( Whirlwind )
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"Today, one of our new members is going to show us why druids reroll balance after they fail at feral."

L80 Balance Druid PvP/Humor

WARNING: I'm not good enough to just stay in moonkin form all the time and faceroll everyone. Some day I hope to be that good. But, for now, I have to do things like chain cyclone/starfire combos, use all of my forms, kite, set up my starfalls so people just don't use their defensive cooldowns and spam /lol at me. I also heal and stuff.

GEAR: I'm using the scrub-set (tm) provided by Blizzard. No arena or raid gear. I'm using the engineering parachute and no one was selling spell penetration on my server in the AH, so that is lacking. I've since levelled a jeweler and alchemist to 450 (and miner and herbalist) so I can do my own gems, but the moonkin is retired ATM while I make money and work on trades so you will see that his enchants and gems are not complete if you bother to look him up on armory.

MY SKILL LEVEL: Somewhere between a scrub and a battleground hero. Wait... those aren't the same things are they?

CONTENT: Mostly 1v2s, some 1v1s. I tossed clips that didn't have at least one person with decent resilience (unless I was trying to demonstrate something). Naturally, some 30K HP. Of course, that doesn't mean they are good... but it does mean that they don't die to a single starfall.

Balance druid is not really built for 1vNs (unless you are destroying less than 20K HPers, but what class can't do that?). Offensive casters are difficult since balance lacks instacast offensive and defensive CC, while other offensive casters have a wealth of such abilities. Balance can do well with melee 1vNs, however.

I decided (after the movie was "done") to add some 2vN material to the back end of the movie (after the credits). This is where balance druid really shines ATM. Strong DPS with support and the ability to go support/healing when necessary. The 2vN clips have a nice ebb and flow of offensive and defensive play, IMO.

UI: I'm using the standard UI. The only mod I use is SCT to move healing to the right and incoming damage to the left.

MUSIC: The first song is kind of harsh to those not into dubstep, but it doesn't last long (and is part of the "joke") so hang in there. It mellows out a bit later on. >;)

"Toasty Loop" - JimBob
"Gamma Ray Burst" - Downlink
"Crank Dat (Metal Remix) - Nightwake
"Sordid" - Amon Tobin
"Sunspots (Justin St.Charles Remix)" - NiN (can't find this online now)
"It Takes Two" - Rob Base and DJ EZ Rock


Response to early criticism: I understand if you don't like the editing, but my first goal is to entertain. Not only you, but me. Slapping straight clips with music on top of it and not working to align events in the movie with events in the music is boring to me.

I typically zoom to help the viewer understand what is happening, but it seems to have the opposite effect for some. Zooming on the starfires is done to show you how some of them are seemless followups to a cyclone. This takes timing. In my case, mental timing, since I'm not using any mods to track these kinds of things. I also zoom to put the center of attention on the action. To me, if you are too far panned back it distracts and a connection isn't built with the character.

The music I chose is to fit a theme. Gamma ray burst and sunspots go with a balance druid. The "Crank Dat" song is a joke about undead movie makers who like to walk their undead through a graveyard and then yell of the side of a cliff. It doesn't really work for moonkin though. ;P

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