Cataclysm - New Spells and Talents. by Fereh
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Movie Summary

Made a movie showing some new spells and talents that different classes get in cataclysm.

In the intro you can see the infamous whaleshark. I've already made a movie about him, that you can find here - .

Link to char:

The movie contains:

Imp Sheep (

New Aimed Shot (

Starsurge (
Solar Beam (

Earthquake (
Bind Elemental (
Lava Surge (

Bladeflurry + Killing Spree
Vendetta (
Recuperate (

Throwdown (

New Shadowflame (
Soulfire Crits.
Hand of Gul'dan (

It also contains some clips showing quests, NPC's (Ragnaros) and rewamped zones.

Please send PM's if you want to see another movie, and include what spell/talents you want to see in it ;).

There seem to be a bug over at the PTR which removes the possibility to see the damage you do. So I will have to wait a bit longer with recording the next video.

Expect to see Paladin, DK and Priest spells in the next movie ;).

Song List:
Utah Saints - Something Good (High Contrast Remix)
Enter Shikari - Juggernauts (Nero Remix)
Bloc Party - Signs (MMMatThias Remix )
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