How to Get to Acherus as Any Class by wthmerhaba
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A warlock to summon
A Mage to port
One other person to help summon
5-8 minutes of slowfall (more or less)
Engineering if you're not a mage or a priest.
150-200 Noggenfoggers if you're not a mage or a priest

This is easier to do on a Priest, and easiest on a Mage. Once getting under Stormwind with your group, keep going north until you see the texture of the ground change - this means you've gone far enough.

You have alot of ground to cover with slowfall, so start flying up. I usually fly up for a good 20-25 minutes or so, but thats with a mage. If you don't have a reliable slowfall you can fly up higher if you wish. Remember, the higher you go up, the more room for error you get. So missing some slowfalls will be safe.

If you're not a mage or a priest it will basically come down to two parachute cloaks and the noggenfogger elixir. The idea is to create two macros for changing the chutes but nevertheless the macros there will be a tiny gap between the two chutes which you have to cover with the noggenfogger.

Parachute macros:
/use name of the first chute
/equip name of the second chute

/use name of the second chute
/equip name of the first chute

Be careful with those macros because if you press it just a half second earlier when your second chute is still on CD it will say "not ready yet" but the next chute will still be equipped, which would again lead to a fail.

Use the disconnect macro to change directions if you need to;

/run if(not scm) then scm = SendChatMessage; end; function SendChatMessage(msg,type,lang,chan) scm("\124cFF00FFCC\124Hitem:19:0:0:0:0:0 :0: \124h" ..msg.. "\124h\124r",type,lang,chan);end;

When you log back in, your character will be falling in one place. Face your character in the direction you want it to go in, and just run forward. You will then start falling in that direction. If you are a mage, just use blink. Don't try to change directions too early, however, because it does significantly reduce your speed, and you may not have enough height left to finish it

When you see the sky around you turn from blue and white to orange, you'll know you're close to the ground.

Good luck if you're going to attempt it :)

PS- You can pick up the FP but you can't use it, it will say "No direct route available". Also you can buy the DK mount but wont be able to use it, since you need to be a DK to actually train it.

Special thanks to Seminko for the tips!
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