Sartharion10 - 3 manned by Helkor
Class: Warlock | Category: Dungeons / PvE | Server : EU - Twilight's Hammer ( Blackout )
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Hey, this is my first video uploaded to WCM so i hope you like it.
And as the title says its about me and 2 of my friends 3 manning Sarth10. It also shows where we kill the 3'rd mini-boss, because that was actually the hardest of the raid-instance :D.


-Edit 27-08-2010-
I wonder how many of you guys know that this video is in every way made for fun. We were just bored and needed something to do. So yes there is a hell of alot errors, like immo > Corr> Soc, that is something that i would never ever do in a serious raid. How the fuck else do you think that 3 guys would have got full icc gear, and 6k gear score?
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