Xmo 8: The Breakfast Club 2900+ 3v3/5v5 by Xmo
Class: Mage | Category: PvP | Server : US - Frostmane ( Reckoning )
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UPDATE - March 10th, 2018. I am now streaming Fortnite and soon WoW almost every night at www.twitch.tv/itsXMO ! Check it out sometime, thanks :)

Less than 2 days left! - Top Skilled 2011

*This movie is meant for entertainment only!*

For those of you upset as to why this movie doesn't have Xtk, it is out of my control, he is no longer interested in the game and quit again before I could get any footage. As always, we'll see in the future...

Xmo 8: The Breakfast Club � A Documentary
2900+ 3v3 and 5v5 Arena

Please watch in HQ or download and make sure you have good speakers/headphones and turn the volume up!

This was something I�d always been interested in doing. I documented my experience of transferring to a new BG (Reckoning) to get rank 1 after having played on BG9 for quite some time, and what I�ve produced is my version of a PvP movie with a storyline.

www.skill-capped.com is my sponsor, much love to them.

Xmo Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Xmo/143830242305103?ref=ts

(Be a fan and find out more about me attending Blizzcon 2010 with Raycharles!)

This is the most unique project I�ve made so far, and is definitely my favorite for the music I�ve used in it compared to my other movies!

Songs �
All In by the Grouch and the Eligh
Shining Star by Earth, Wind, and Fire
Swisha by Ratatat
Spitfire by Prodigy
Mr. G by Deadmau5
Kokiri Forest from Zelda (N64 game)
You�ve Got A Friend In Me by Randy Newman
R U READY by Sektor
Sunshine by Atmosphere

Addons �
ECB (easy casting bar)
DOOM�s cooldown pulse
Scrolling Combat Text
Interrupt Bar

Let me know what you thought by rating/commenting, any feedback appreciated!

Thanks for watching and I hope you enjoyed it!
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