Exploration: Alpha Outland by wthmerhaba
Class: Paladin | Category: Underground | Server : US - Arygos ( Nightfall )
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I remember when I released Exploring Azeroth 2 a lot of people had questions about the Alpha Outland part. I didn't really explain how I got to it so I figured I could just make a decent how-to video.

This exploit works similarly to the Emerald Dream one in that you will need to use a model edit to explore this place, as its no longer in the game. I really don't like using model edits to explore because it feels like cheating, but when the place you're trying to explore is completely removed from the game, you don't exactly have many alternatives, and its all just for fun/curiosity.

Keep in mind that if you want to bring a friend along, they will need to download the edit as well. Simply download it and move it to your Data folder founded in the World of Warcraft directory (World of Warcraft/Data)

I'm sure if you haven't used model edits before then you may have some concerns, like, would I get banned for this?

It is possible to get banned from it. Model editing is very much against the ToS. But then again, all exploration, like getting to places using glitches and bugs, is also against the ToS. There is no way for Blizzard to detect model edits. Unless a GM is actively watching your character, say, you have a ticket open or your account was recently hacked, they will not be aware of your edit. Like I said on the Emerald Dream, if you use this edit then other people will still be able to see you. So if you're running on that bridge and there just happens to be a random person out there, and they report you, then you'll probably get in trouble, because on their screen you're running through the air. Basically you're a lot more likely to get banned from getting reported by another player than getting detected by a Blizzard GM.

*Note - You can use the flying mount trick in there if you have a lock and 2 people. It would make getting inside the place easier since no wall jumping would be required, and give you a better view of the place

The File;

Disconnect Macro;
/run if(not scm) then scm = SendChatMessage; end; function SendChatMessage(msg,type,lang,chan) scm("\124cFF00FFCC\124Hitem:19:0:0:0:0:0 :0: \124h" ..msg.. "\124h\124r",type,lang,chan);end;

Radiohead Karma Police
Death Cab for Cutie Crooked Teeth

All credit should go to WebCrawl from onlinegamehacker.com for making the file!

PS- I am working on Exploring Azeroth 3. It will follow the format of the first two, and will add in a few exploits from the Cataclysm Beta as well ;)
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