Big Crits - Week 1 by BigCrits
Class: Shaman | Category: Guild Promotion | Server : US - Sen'jin ( Bloodlust )
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Raid week: 3/16/10
For the current series:

Week 1 is about getting used to a new guild and a new group of people. Normally when you join a raiding guild you're joining an existing group of people who are accustomed to working and playing together. Now imagine joining a raiding guild where every single person is new. At most, only 5 people have raiding together before. Other than those five people, everyone is a fresh face. That was the first week of Big Crits. We have some fun, have some laughs and start to tackle some bosses together.

It was a good first week over all. We cleared the Lower Spire, Plague Wing, and Blood Wing. In an amazing display of healing we rescued Dreamwalker in one attempt at the end of our third night of raiding -- not bad for 6 healers that had never worked together before. Watch the video for more

Watched it? Want to see more? Feel like it leaves a bit open-ended? Fret not! Week 2 is coming out before the weekend! Stay tuned for the next episode.

May all your hits be crits!
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