Kinzin 3 - Feed The Fire (Broken) by Kinzin
Class: Warlock | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Tarren Mill ( Misery )
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Movie Summary

This is my 3ed movie. It got broken because my PC got a systemfail and crashed...
I managed to save some of the footage and made this remake.

I started frapsing in the begining of may (patch 3.3.5) and finished editing in september. All was going after the plan until my PC got a systemfail and crashed... Only thing that was left was my testrender and a intro part of my last scene.

What this movie is about:

This is Mainly for entertaining, but i only picked out the best fights with lot of action and DRAAAAMAAA jk, only action.
So feel free for give SKILL POINTS!!!! but its up to you.
My editstyle is using many many flames and make it a 100% fire and destuction movie!

What got lost:

-About 50% of my movie got destroyed.
-A "fail moments" scene with me failing on stuff and raging.
-Me and Razghul (Fire mage) 2vsX Worldpvp with 2 PoV.
-Me and Razghul Fire/Destro 2v2 arena 2,3mmr.


James Horner - (songs from avatar)
Pendulum - Watercolor
DJ Pablo - Battle Begin
Ozzy Osbourne - Let is die
Rise to fall - Redrum
Girag´┐Żmesh - Freaks
Duoble Rainbow guy

Please remember that is is only the TESTRENDER so you may see some buggs and typingfails through the movie.

Also check out my previous Movies

Kinzin 1 - ClothGearSolid:

Kinzin 2 - Classic PvP:

Hope you Enjoy it and have fun raging over how OP locks are! :)

My youtube channel:

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