Karfagen Guild VS Conclave of Wind 25m by Metalline
Class: Multiple | Category: Dungeons / PvE | Server : US - Test Server US
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Karfagen Guild presents Throne of the Four Winds - Conclave of Wind 25m.

If you like PVE and raiding you must buy Cataclysm at least because of this boss. This boss is the reason why we like PVE and raiding. This encounter is Epic and beautiful, it has the feeling of epic battle we fighting in, not many bosses has this atmosphere, this makes the boss legendary and being remembered through ages like Kaelthas or Illidan. I wish all the bosses have this feeling:)
Encounter consists of 3 bosses which are spread far away from each other and they should be executed almost simultaneously like Mimiron phase 4. Otherwise one of them will heal himself to full hp. The raid should spread to 3 camps because all of them should be tanked, otherwise one of them will wipe the raid. Two camps should switch between each other. We can fly to each boss with the help of the windpath, it looks so epic when 2 camps meet during the flight. Many PVE elements take place during this encounter - aoe damage, different "voidzones", heavy tank damage, adds who are pain in the ass, stacks of shit, boss ultimates and other fun stuff. This encounter is almost perfectly tuned for normal and already became one of my favourite encounters in the game. I really wanna see the hardmode of it, it should blow our minds:)
POV from Holy Paladin Metalline and Enhancement Shaman - Mestif
All soundtrack made by Audiomachine. Except the last cut from Hans Zimmer
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