Zage - Arena Tournament Part 1 by Zage
Class: Warrior | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Test Server EU (PvP)
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Read if you so choose, or tonight you dream about caressing the balls of a Moose...

Welcome to my Warrior movie. I hope that you will find the time to decipher something out of my overboard UI, and that you will enjoy a few cool moves and generally average Gameplay, against inexperienced to what I would say decent opponents. Now since I more than well know that there are a bunch of you retail players who like to make fun of us "Pserver !@#$ters", I'll just say this; Some of you might be sitting out there trying not to like us, but we want you to know - that we have a pretty cool thing going on here on this private ATR Copy. And I hope that those of you who can refrain from downrating this movie for those preset views, will take into consideration to strengthen our competition around here, and show us how it's done (No sarcasm intended). I mean what else is there to do while Cata gets all in order, if it ever does..

Footage Consists of:
2v2 as Warr/Druid, Warr/Priest and Warr/Pal

Sneak Peek of some WLP 3v3, which was frapsed during an evening of playing, with not at all special matches that have alot of sloppy play in it... will definetly try to improve on that for the upcoming part 2 (that is if any of you liked part 1), and I have also found a program to properly record Skype.

2s Matchups are (with quite strong lack of diversity) mostly versus D(S)Priest/Fmage and D(S)Priest/Rogue. Since those are in my opinion the most interesting and challenging comps to face as a Warrior in 2v2. Also that is mostly what this server consists of at higher rating.

A few months ago I started Frapsing my matches, just since it's a cool way to review your choices in the important moments of the game, realize your mistakes, and tap your shoulder if you pulled off a few clutches. I did have alot of trouble getting footage because of FPS lagging, and even more trouble rendering because of Vegas crashing over n over (!@#$ computer). Since I recently sorta started liking what I was seeing, I decided to make this movie to share with you guys. Mostly in the hopes to receive an external point of view on my newbie editing, taste in music and Warrior Gameplay. I sincerely welcome all positive comments, constructive criticism, flaming and trolling (in however varying order is up to you).

Since I suspect that those of you with a more default-like UI, might have a bit of trouble to keep up with what goes on at times; There's added an image below, to give you an idea about the structure of my Castbars, Alerts and Frames. And also there are a few notes added into certain parts of the movie, in the CENTER OF THE TOP SCREEN, just to sort of narrate what happened in case you are too bored or fed up with my UI. So I hope you enjoy it, thanks.


Special shoutouts:
My baller Paladin, who's appreciated hints helped me make the movie what it is, and my UI a bit cleaner ^^
My Warlock Herman, for being awesome overall.
My first Druid Gozzu ( I miss playing with you )
My first Paladin and cousin Sockertopp
Alex Hammond aka Huggi/Cloneishard
My Priest Notknaeckarn (Nutcracker)
Taylor Gang
Amoree (My 2nd favorite American)
iFool for the awesome Banner

Inception - Mindheist
Mike Snow - Black and Blue (Netsky rmx)
Pendulum - Crush
Mt. Eden - Sierra Leone
Lisa Gerrard - Now We Are Free (Enigma Remix)
Dilated Peoples - Love and War
Gemini - Blue (Suggested by Amoree)
Soilwork - Song of the Damned (Suggested by Zal)
Queens - Dont stop me

AzCastbar (Castbars and Targetauras)
Losecontrol (Icons for CC/Silence/Immunity on every1)
SnowfallKeyPress (Key activation on press-down)
Ghostpulse (Icons fading in to show what just came off CD)
Tidyplates (Cool nameplates with debuffs etc)
EventAlert (Icons for Procs)
Aesa (Enemy CD Tracker)
OmniCC (Timers for CDs on your abilities)
SpellNotifications (Alerts what you reflect/interrupt/dispell and UA)

I really recommend using one of the download links, because the stream has a lot of fps lag.

Cata footage:
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