Boomkin 4 pc T11 Rotation Changes: Take 2 by Calculat�d
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This video came about after some theorycrafting discussions at Elitist Jerks prompted me to dig the Starfire glyph out of the deep dark hole it's been sitting in since Cataclysm launched. It is a follow-on to my prior Boomkin 4 pc T11 rotation video which can be found here:

This is basically a revision of that video using Starfire glyph instead of Wrath glyph. The net value of this is moving my combined Moonfire/Sunfire uptime from ~75% to ~95% and buying me another ~750 dps out of the 4 pc rotation. Some commentary is included, though less than normal as I'm not feeling well.

I think if you've seen the prior video, you'll quickly see that most of that same strategy remains in place, simply Sunfire/Moonfire remain up more consistently due to the glyph and are refreshed pretty much right before the last cast that will take you out of an Eclipse.

WoL report for this vid can be found here:

At least until it expires.

Finally, I'm fully aware movement may bite into some of this benefit. But I'm pretty near 100% uptime on stand-and-turret -- maybe movement drops me to high 80s? Don't know. When I'm at low to mid 70s with Wrath, there's potential here and it's worth investigating. Mostly I'm sharing as an FYI. I'll be trying it on the three fights we have remaining this week (normal Nef, Heroic Conclave, normal Al'Akir) and figuring out where I go from there.

Calc's Boomkin Guide can be found at TheMoonkinRepository:
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