Dk solo: Illidan by raegwyn
Class: Death Knight | Category: Dungeons / PvE | Server : EU - Zuluhed ( Blutdurst )
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Raegwyn (Zuluhed EU) soloing Illidan at 85
This video was made in 4.0.3 (i think he will be easy with the new death strike glyph and unholy specc after 4.0.6)

i really liked the fight and i tried so many things to kill the shadow demons so after a few wipes i skilled desecreation to slow them and it worked with stacking vengeance 2 t10 items and str pot to kill them with a death and decay after i got them i saw that i had to low dps cause they came a 2nd time at 7% so i respecced glyphed reforged and did anything i was able to do and i managed to kill him like 2 seconds before the 2nd demons would have spawned

difficult: kaelthas niveu (nothing you want to do a 2nd time)
tactic: most tacticchanges /planingtime respeccs i ever had
costs: i payed ~3000gold for repp, elixiers, drums, respeccs, pots(necessary) and things i dont remember yet
so this was the most expensive solokill i ever had too or a bit less then sartharion
time: i spent the last 3 weeks on trying him but not that much till last 2 days

Importent Tricks:
/cancelaura Bloodshield at high health to increase vengeance
frost pres + refreshing diseases + dnd before p2 starts (saves 2-3%)
Frost Pres + str trinket + str pot + rune of fallen crusader procc + stacking vengeance + desecreation talent + 2 T10 items (20% more dnd dmg) to kill shadow demons in p4
nuke him to 30% at the moment he starts transforming again to to get him ~ 8% lower before maiev comes cause his transform time tooks long

songs are linked in the youtube video describtion as always
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