The Noob Song by Sharm
Class: Multiple | Category: Other | Server : EU - Aerie Peak ( Misery )
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Get this party started on a Saturday night,
I've been drinking vodka and I'm up for a fight!
Dancing with the NPC's and buying white armour,
Thinking that my gear looks so much better than your'sa.
Challenging some lowbies cuz I cant beat no higher,
Been stuck on level 30 for what seems like forever!

Shouting out for guilds but nobody will take me :(
Rumour got around that I was a Noo to the B.
Yeah well whatever; when I've soloed Illidan...
You'll be begging me to tell you how it is done.
BRB for now though, my dinner's ready,
Summon me when you get to Scarlet Monastery!

Can't help but ninja pull in every dungeon I go,
I just get so bored typing "GOGO",
As long as DPSing's my only obligation,
All you gotta worry about is my aggro inflation.
But at least I can take a break when we're all dead,
Healer can run back while I wait for a res.


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