I'm A Warlock by Sharm
Class: Warlock | Category: Machinima | Server : EU - Aerie Peak ( Misery )
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Thanks again to Tyranno for creating another wonderful machinima and WoW parody of Shakira's 'Gypsy'.
All lyrics were written by Tyranno!

Tyranno's Channel:

From Tyranno:
"Dedicated to the warlocks of my guild and server, including Warrickk, Teena, and Kassamela. Because we're more than just healthstone vendors. :D "


Broke Affliction last patch,
Spent the last week, getting all my gear to match
Doom and death on my mind,
Leveling is boring, but this was worth the grind.

Not the melee tank kind,
Why would I heal, when I'm dps inclined?
Won't show mercy on you,
Not that I could try it, cuz you'll just die in queue.

'Cause I'm a warlock, and my deeps just won't stop,
I might farm HKs with all my achievements unlocked
Never used a raid buff, just like a warlock,
And I won't go down 'cause I'm hard just like a rock,
And I won't cry, if I ever die, my skills are quite a shock
'Cause I'm a warlock, 'cause I'm a warlock

I can't help topping charts,
If I top you, please dont take it to heart
To whom it may concern-
Watch out for my Fears now, or you'll just have to learn.


And I say, hey, I, don't take crap,
If I go oom, I'll just have to use life tap,
People fear me when I cap.



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