TANK by Sharm
Class: Unknown | Category: Other | Server : EU - Aerie Peak ( Misery )
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This beat is from shadowville.com.
It's called Encore by 2Deep.

I tried not to make the lyrics too focused on a particular class of Tank.

Dedicated to the tanks of my raid group, Uek and Maddidus (and ofc the rest of the tanks in the guild!)

You got the mind of a bulldog
Grit your teeth while ya chop and shield block
Healer knows that ya don't need to stop
Mana's on full and your HP's on top

Approach ya foe with a huge crushing blow
Crash to the ground n' they won't even know
Swinging that axe like a rogue on hax
Tearing through mobs like God mode on max

Step forward, step
Swinging that wep
Fluid like a druid
While you're rocking that threat

Crush, da da da da, crush (crush)
As you feel, tha tha tha, that rush (rush)
Brush that attack right offa your back
Nothing can stop you oh, you're better than that

Anhilitaing oh you're never hesitating when you're hasalling, n bashing in, and slicing up an enemy
Your armours grinding while you're finding that you'll never be,
An easy target, when you're practicaly a mass army
Awake your inner beast to claw and maw your target down,
Your steps are bold and strong, they resonate with deadly sound
They know you're coming when they hear your war cries echo out
Tank forever, won't you take a bow


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