Tosan Twos - Renataki Remix (S5 Dglad Rogue/Mage 2600+) by Tosan
Class: Multiple | Category: PvP | Server : US - Korgath ( Vengeance )
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Movie Summary
**Season 5 footage contained in this video**

**Also keep in mind the game was vastly different then so if something seems odd, like not being able to mount in Dalaran Arena, or there only being "hidden rating" rather than MMR, it's probably because it was changed long ago :P

**We mostly played 3's where we got Dglad as RMP, though unfortunately I didn't have enough Hard Drive space to record much of that; I only had a couple games recorded of 3v3 but ended up deleting them since it wasn't enough to make a movie out of. Though I could have included them in this, I deleted them a long time ago to clear HD space so can't really do that now. Sorry!

Yeah I'm a huge Naruto nerd.....also the "renataki remix" title may not make sense at first, but the reasoning behind the name is firstly, I couldn't think of a catchier name, and secondly, it's still the same 2 players as the last, just one is a different class while the other is a different race.

Sorry this content is being released extremely late. Back in Season 5 I recorded these clips while getting points and decided I wanted to make a movie out of it. However, my love of making flashy and somewhat ridiculous intros drove me to learn some 3D animation to really nerd up my intro for this.

3D animation turned out to be extremely tedious and tiresome to learn and do as a complete newbie to it and it is one major reason for the extreme delay.

The second and primary reason for such a huge delay is that WotLK was a terrible expansion and I lost interest after S5 and more or less played casually and put this video on the back burner; 3D animation at an amateur level like this is extremely tiresome, tedious, and burnt me out fast; after losing interest in the game I couldn't motivate myself to go back and finish this video.

Cata rejuvenated my interest in the game, however, so I went back to finish it.

Anyway I hope you enjoy it regardless of the extremely old content. I'll be releasing more up to date arena movies with far less editing so I can actually release them in a reasonable time frame.

Also as mentioned at the end of the video, I'll be releasing other arena clips (non full production arena videos) on my YouTube Account, separate from releases. I may also do something else like nerdy video blogs or other random funsie vids since I just got a new webcam.

So feel free to subscribe: TosanTribe YouTube Channel

Also if you like my friends track: Mute Revised - Tea Time you can download it on iTunes here.

Here's Nate's song on YouTube: Mute Revised - Tea Time

Programs used:
World of Warcraft
WoW Model Viewer
My Warcraft Studio
Milkshape 3D
3D Studio Max
Sony Vegas Pro 9

Also sorry the video is so long, I probably should have cut out a handful of clips I just didn't pay too much attention during the editing process and after cutting the clips and fitting them in certain parts of the songs I was too relieved to FINALLY BE FINISHED to go back and make a bunch of changes to shorten the length so.........I just hope most of you don't get bored part way through.

Thanks to everyone for watching, especially those who stick it out to the end of the vid :P
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