Warrior heroic leap tricks in BE arena by Fearnot
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So I miss"placed" heroic leap in an arena match and got an amazing result. I decided to go up to blades edge and see if I could replicate it , and if I could, use it in other areas of the arena. This is what I came up with, hope you enjoy!

the trick I found is that if you jump off certain platforms and start falling, you can heroic leap to a higher platform that would normally give the "No path available" error. There aren't many but the few I found could have their uses.

Song is SUPER MARIO BROS. ROCK REMIX [Seventh Epic - Pipes]

**EDIT** Yes there was a similar video posted already. We already came to find that our videos were originally posted about a day apart, mine was just on youtube then. I decided later to post it on WCM also. Enjoy either way =].

::::::::::EDIT FOR PATCH 4.1:::::::::::
I've yet to get this to work since the patch, but it seems to work more on hills than it did, I also get RoFed with leap now so who knows whats working and what isn't!
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