Neidrah - Pew Pew Master by Neidrah
Class: Hunter | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Conseil des Ombres ( Frocit )
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Neidrah's Arena Team 1
Neidrah Neidrah
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→ MM Hunter "open pvp" (sort of :p) movie for entertainment purpose ←


After watching the clips I had from the end of WOTLK, I thought it was totally worth it to make a movie out of it. Especially since there's actually a very few hunter movies from that period and a very few movies with 1v2 scenes in arena.
And yeah although those scenes are mostly happening in arena, I'm always fighting alone. There's no serious arena in that movie (except a short one in the outro). So you could say it's like world PvP in arena :p.

★ Oh and of course, "This wasn't meant to be a showcase of skill" :p. My opponents are obviously subpar most of the time, but anyways I had fun recording and editing that movie so I hope you guys enjoy!


Epic intro!
Some 2v1
A few dumb scenes
A couple duels/bg scenes
Some more 2v1!
Epic outro (with some world pvp + cata bg scenes + songs used)
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