Zage - Arena Tournament Part 2 by Zage
Class: Warrior | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Test Server EU (PvP)
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Movie Summary
Zage's Arena Team 1
Tankdmgheal Kensidan
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Zage's Arena Team 2
Nutcracker/Noaa Blazy
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Hey there. I wanted to make this movie this huge project with super good matches against super good opponents, but unfortunately I've been having alot of trouble (Even worse this time) with my FPS during fraps, vegas crashing, losing footage and so on. So last week I decided to fraps with half-size instead, and it has gone alot smoother since then. Most of the footage in the movie was recorded this past week, and some of it 2-3 weeks ago with full-size. So I wasn't very dedicated to this project, and I just wanted to get it overwith tbh :P I was kinda bored watching through the final render, and most of the games just feel mundane to me. I guess I hope it's just because I've seen all the clips a bunch of times, and maybe you guys will have a different opinion.

Footage consists of 2v2 only. It's Disc/Warr and Druid/Warr with a variety of matchups, most of the Teams were the highest rated ones of their comp at the time of the recording, some are just decent "randoms".

So I hope you enjoy some of it, thanks.

Shoutouts to:
#1 Druid Tankdmgheal - You've helped me improve alot.
Noaa - This guy is hard to the core.
Nutcracker - Enjoyed our games together mate, good luck with everything.
Zebqt - For sticking with me during long boring nights on Abyssal.
Herman - For being the best lock eu, and just awesome overall.
Wesley - You're the fucking man
My Roommate - for letting me render on his computer xD
Gozzu - For supporting me and being around ever since I started this game.

Celldweller - The Sentinel
Boy Crisis - Dressed to Digress (Nero Remix)
R�yksopp - Circuit Breaker
Breezeblock - Forgive U
Lisa Mitchell - Neopolitan Dreams (Nilow Rmx)
Nero - Innocence
Paramore - CrushCrushCrush (Slof Man Dubstep remix)
Mobb Deep - Shook Ones Pt2 (Ran out of fitting songs)
Ronald Jenkees - Loui

AzCastbar (Castbars and Targetauras)
Losecontrol (Icons for CC/Silence/Immunity on everyone)
SnowfallKeyPress (Key activation on press-down)
Ghostpulse (Icons fading in to show what just came off CD)
Tidyplates (Cool nameplates with debuffs etc)
EventAlert (Icon Alerts for Procs)
Aesa (Enemy CD Tracker)
OmniCC (Timers for CDs on your abilities)
SpellNotifications (Alerts what you reflect/interrupt/dispell and UA)
Afflicted (Enemy CD Tracker)
NiceDamage (Dmg font)

Oh and btw there is an annoying bug with Charge/Intercept/Intervene pathing that showed up pretty recently. I think they tried to fix pathing with pets and stuff like that and most of the time it works since you can charge around objects instead of over or through them. But sometimes the charge will take a really stupid route and by the time you end up at your target the stun is already over. (Spell Notifications)
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