Huhuholics Vs. Magmaw 25H by ArmaHuhu
Class: Druid | Category: Dungeons / PvE | Server : EU - Tarren Mill ( Misery )
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Huhuholics Vs. Magmaw 25H

Huhu's first Magmaw kill in Heroic Blackwing Descent!

- Armageddon (Feral Druid)
- Shaldy (Fury Warrior)
- Tes (Marksmanship Hunter)

It's highly recommended that you watch this movie in high quality!



Huhuholics is a casual horde guild on EU-Tarren Mill, raiding 3 nights (9 hours) a week. The guild consists of mainly ex raiders that no longer have the time or wish to put the effort into a fulltime raiding guild.

Wrath Progress: All content clear, top 400 world.
Current Progress: 12/12 25m normal, 8/13 25m heroic

Check our home page & recruitment status at
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