My finale Auction House movie about Earning gold in inscription on glyphs and darkmoon trinkets by Vorbasse
Class: Mage | Category: How To/Guides | Server : EU - Emerald Dream ( Blackout )
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Hi Everyone

Here i my last Auction house movie. Where I earn my gold in Inscription on glyphs and darkmoon trinkets "Earthquake, Hurricane Agility and strength, Tsunami and Volcano".

The addons I am using for my alt hovsa is. There is also a link how to download it. You can also see a link to see a movie about the setup.


Zeroauctions or you can use Auction Profit Master is almost the same addons those to for setup.




Atlastloot Enhanced

Wim "WoW instant Messager"


I hope these addons link did help you. else plz make a comment on a question, then I will try and find the answer. :)

The song on the movie is "work in progress"

The movie have been made by Movie maker live, since I did not have enought money to buy Sony Vegas.

I am using Fraps to take all my movie clips.

The server I am on is Emerald dream.

Plz check out some of my other movies on my channel.
Here is where I give out gold after I did earn my first million gold.

Also I want to give a big hand to the ppl who I have learned to earn my gold from.

Give thumps up if you like and tell it to other friends, so they also can earn some decent gold in the game. Remember you can do this here on every professions. Just look on your marked on your server and see what sell most.

Have fun all


Vorbasse and my alt Hovsa. Server Emerald Dream
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