Solo: Lich King 13% by Hevelious
Class: Death Knight | Category: Dungeons / PvE | Server : EU - Illidan ( Cataclysme )
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Here is the commentary from Mionelol:

"I had promised you that I'd solo LK soon after doing little Yoggie. Well, that won't happen until a very long time. I managed to put LK at 13% before his enrage, which is barely 600k hp from winning, but could never manage to bring him closer than that. Equipping so much DPS gear to beat the enrage timer means transition phases are barely survivable (and survivable due to dodge/parry/resist RNG only), and even spending the whole Tuesday banging my head against the RNG wall wasn't enough, I could barely go into p3 a mere 5 times on 50+ tries while equipping full DPS gear, and still didn't beat the enrage timer.

At best I found a bug that prevented Raging Spirits from spawning, but decided not to use it since that'd trivialize the fight. It involves jumping (unsure) and positioning on the "ledges" of the platform.

The promised kill won't happen until 4.2 (and full Firelands gear, if not more), since Blood DKs received quite a huge nerf with 4.1 (rightfully so )

Anyhow, I believe it's still interesting enough for you to watch, and thought I'd still share it with you (and hopefully people will stop asking me in PMs every other day what's my progress on LK)."


Made by Mionelol
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