Fearnots Single Minded Fury guide - Part 1 (Shot in patch 4.1) by Fearnot
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This is the first video in a series I plan on making to help you become a better SMF fury warrior. This video contains the basics you need for a SMF rotation as well as a couple tips to max your DPS.

Shot on live servers after 4.1 (actually 4.1, not just a title change ;-]) on a level 85 target dummy. Most information based on CURRENT 4.1 math simcrafting and theorycrafting.

:::Song at the end::: Of Mice and Men - Second and Sebring.

Before the trolls hit! /Elitist

1: No its not the boss dummy obviously, but the 85 dummy simulates DPS closer to a raid setting, due to you not having a full raids worth of buffs. I'll make a short DPS clip on a boss if its needed to stop your cancer.

2: Yes Im attacking from the front, expertise does crazy things like preventing parry/dodge on the 85 from the front, much like it does for a boss from the back!

3. RNG is RNG and its still 21k+ dps sustained over 6 + million damage with no food/flask/sunders/outside buffs or debuffs.

Any questions let me know! Thanks for watching and hope you enjoyed!

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