Million Miles from Home guest staring Nananea by Dreyfusxano
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It is finally done. This has probably been my most ambitious project to date. I made this project for three reasons.

1.Nananea. I first befriended her back at the end of 2010. I had been inspired by her PvP work and her lyrical prowess. After seeing her video back in January about her feelings I wanted to do something nice for her and make her look, hopefully, incredibly awesome. We talked on and off through Skype and she has been a bit of a mentor to me. She has helped me and has tried to get my name out there when she has had a spare moment. So this video is for her.

2. Baron Soosdon's unfinished video of the same name. Sometime ago I had watched his video that he had done and was blown away. I was a little bummed that his video seemed incomplete and that it was not up to his standards. So this is partly for him as well. He is refferenced near the beginning with his two rocket fliers from the video.

3. Machinimators and WoW webcomic artists. I have watched so many machinimators work there magic on Youtube that I wanted to give a shout out to as many as I could. I really wish I could have referenced a lot more machinimators but I also didn't want the video to look too busy. Every reference that I do make are only those that I am the most familiar with. There are so many others that I am a fan of but I had no other way I could reference in this video. You will find that I reference at least 40 other individuals in this project, outside of Nananea and myself, which has to be some sort of record. I am also an avid reader of WoW Insider's Sunday Funnies. There I have come to enjoy many of the web comics they offer. I got in contact with as many of the artists that I could and each of them sounded ecstatic that I was doing this. So here's to you and all of your hard work, I hope that I made each of you look even more awesome and epic than you already are. If I wasn't able to get in contact with you I hope that I still made you look awesome and epic. Below I will link every person that I referenced.

People I referenced:










Baron Soosdon:

Snacky and Angie:

Webcomic Artists

Coffinshaker and Co:

Beyond the Tree Co.:

Torment of the Week:

Daily Quests:

Warcraft, Eh?:

Tales from the Crossroads:

(apologies for missing the last two in the credits.)
LFG Comic:

Equinox: Defender of the Horde:

My next few projects won't be something of this scale but I hope I can at least improve on this.
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