Back to the Crusade by Oozo
Class: Multiple | Category: PvP | Server : US - Medivh ( Ruin )
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Movie Summary

As with Back to the Vanilla, this movie is made to hopefully entertain, get some laughs, and bring back some memories of how the game has changed. All footage is from the Burning Crusade expansion on live servers.

There are 5 different characters in the movie, as follows:

-- L70 Orc Rogue - Combat Maces or Premed Hemo

Most gear was the blue assassination set. Weapons were the drakefist hammer and blackout truncheon which had haste procs. Haste stacked very well in TBC. You could get some obscene weapon speeds with mace procs, the haste buff from the assassination set after CS and KS, along with slice and dice and blade flurry (gave haste in TBC). Oh yes, and LOLMACESTUN.

-- L70 Dwarf Rogue - Premed Hemo

Most gear was S1. Premed had huge opening burst with CB 5pt eviscerate inside the cheapshot. Also, hemo hit much harder than it should have.

-- L68 Undead Rogue - Mutilate

R14 daggers with "of the bandit" greens. Mutilate was a good 1v1 build due to it's damage output. At the end of the movie, there are some fights with this rogue against some L70 challenger-level geared people. I'm not saying they were good. Afterall, they died to a L68 rogue. I'm just pointing out that they vastly outgeared me but still died since mutilate did good damage even with the L60 R14 daggers.

-- L66-70 Undead Priest - Shadow

Gear was mostly AH blues with "of the eagle" greens. Keep that in mind when comparing gear to some of the people she fights. Oh yes, and LOLBLACKOUTSTUN.

-- L70 NE Hunter - BM and Survival Hybrid

Gear was mostly S1. The in-and-out style was to take advantage of ability cooldowns and raptor strike which hit hard with the 2H axe with a 45% to crit. Deterrence and aspect of the monkey gave roughly 60% dodge and 35% parry, helping to survive rogues and warriors when toe-to-toe. Intimidation and wyvern sting helped with 1vNs.



- CHiPs Theme Song
- The Fixx - One Thing Leads to Another (Rhythm Scholar Remix)
- System Shock Elevator Music"
- Deadmau5 and Wolfgang Gartner - Animal Rights (REL1 Re-lick)
- Jimbob -Toasty Loop

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