Broove 2: Elemental Rites by Broove
Class: Shaman | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Stormscale ( Cyclone )
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Movie Summary
Made for entertainment purposes only (nothing more, nothing less)!
Re-edited version (26th of August '11).


Broove 2: Elemental Rites

Patch: 3.3.5 WotLK
Server: (A-T)

Finally it�s been done!
After playing Cata on Stormscale for a few months I quitted and started to play at, which was the best decision I could have done in my opinion.
This video only features World PvP (1vX) and some interesting duels against high rated players from A-T.
No arenas at all!

Feel free to rate & comment.

Some answers to upcoming questions:

1. As Zoh said in his video (definitely check it out: it is worth the watch) Arena-tournament is a private server with WoW icons suchs as Hydra, Drainerx, Khuna, Marmeladex, Sonydigital, Botti, Lecken, Flyn and Ziqo and a huge competitive population. They still do participate and continue to do so in the 3v3 tournament on A-T.

2. Isle of Quel�Danas which is known from TBC Daily Qs is the World PvP Zone on A-T where u can grind/farm/have fun for BG Titles and Engi stuff in groups or on your own.

3. I use a mchange for playing the undead race.

For further questions regarding the server just send me a pm.

Duel summary (in order of appearance):
�Ionex (MM- Hunter)
�Imoconfchaos (Destruction Warlock)
�Carefaceqtx (Frost Mage)

All have been 2350+ rated, I picked the interesting ones.


Children of Bodom - Roundtrip to hell and back
Mygrain - Alienation
Dark Tranquillity - Single part of two
In Flames - Pacing Death�s Trail
Immortal - At The Heart of Winter (Outro)

Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did recording and editing it!
Next video will be Catacalysm PvP, but I'll take a break from World of Warcraft for at least 6 months (goin abroad).

- Broove
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