Ret Solo Kael'Thas Sunstrider Tempest Keep by Darthbaul
Class: Paladin | Category: Dungeons / PvE | Server : US - Burning Legion ( Vindication )
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I originally tried this out during 4.06 intermittently before 4.1 hit. The main problem during my early attempts was getting to Kael'Thas without Thaladred up during KT. On my best attempts I would still have him up and could not get KT alone. Phase 3 was hands down the hardest because of the disorient/stun/fear/silence and I simply could not push out enough dps. Once 4.1 hit I didn't even attempt this boss because of the 20 second cd on Word of Glory.

So a good time after 4.2 had come out I was bored one Saturday and decided to give it a go. Much to my surprise I was able to get to phase 4 easily with no advisors up. So for the next 3 attempts I had some very good attempts, dying to some dumb mistakes ie. not trinketing disorient off when in a flamestrike. And another attempt where KT came out of the wrong side because of some bad advisor positioning and he dragged that entire sides mobs with him, forcing me to run out and reset.

This last attempt wasnt perfect. I made some mistakes, most notably when a phoenix blew up knocking me half way across the room. And again when I was a little eager in the last phase to get to KT I ran in a little to early and ended up getting 2 stacks of the debuff that reduces health.

All in all this has been the most fun fight to solo. I spent a good amount of time strategizing the fight, and enjoyed this making the adjustments as well as the difficulty of doing it solo.

Freedom Fighters-Two Steps From Hell
Am I not Human?-Two Steps From Hell
Perfect Ten-Immediate Music
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