A Warlock's Journey by Khamúl
Class: Warlock | Category: Underground | Server : EU - Krasus ( Vengeance )
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Movie Summary
This film is a project I started after finishing a short 10mn exploration video (which is featured in the first part of the film). The video was quite popular, so I decided to turn it into a real film, developing the plot of the first episode.

This film is the result of 4 months of intensive work, looking for the zones, every little place in it, filling my hard disk drive with footage and finally making the final video.

I've never dedicated myself this much to a video before, and I've greatly improved my skills in video making. You can feel it as the film progresses: it increases in quality from beginning to end.

As far as content is concerned, I understand that 45mn of exploration may seem long to some of you. That's why I've tried to make it as enjoyable as possible, wisely choosing the soundtrack, detailing each part, adding a plotline.
There is much more explorable content than shown in this video; I've chosen the most beautiful and interesting ones, with the goal of making the film more enjoyable.

Of course, all shots (even RP ones) were filmed on the official EU server Krasus, without any hacks or third party software.

This video is not a way for me to show off my exploration skills, but a tribute to the game and its developers, who make a great job building such beautiful zones, so diverse there is always something new to explore.

This film will probably be my last one, as I think I won't have much time next year. It remains very different from my previous ones, but I'm really happy about it, as it helped introduce variety. Even though I won't make long videos, I think I'll still be able to make short exploration videos. I still have a lot to discover, things that deserve to be shown.

As a conclusion, I wish to thank the whole RIdPEF in particular, who encouraged me to get so involved. I'd also like to say a big thank you to Kyu who helped me for each part, so as to make them the very best possible.
The result wouldn't have been the same without all these people, so thanks again!

I hope you'll enjoy the video !
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