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(PLEASE stop downrating because/commenting on the video "missing" items, it doesn�t miss any items becuase it is supposed to be like this, there will be a part 2 and there i will include MORE transformaion items, I couldn't fit every single one in the game in a 10 min video)

GranatGuide on how to get: Kelytha's Haunted Locket, Faded Wizard Hat, Orb of the Sin'Dorei, Savory Deviate Delight, Noggenfogger Elixir, Bones of Transformation and Wisp Amulet, Leyara's Locket, Iron Boot Flask, Darkspear Tribe, Gnomeregan Tribe, Dire Brew

Aaron - Paul Kalkbrenner
Raise Your Weapon - Deadmau5

Hello! This is my first ever wow movie! :) The reason why i made this was mainly to provide everyone interested in transformation items an available guide that is as easy and as detailed as possible. But since this is my first ever movie it is also to try out different software, see what i can do with them and learn more how to use them.

I�ve done many mistakes in both spelling and editing and made my best to fix them but unawareness and me being lazy makes alot of quite obvious mistakes slip through.

If you don�t wish to see the whole guide, i�ve listed all items included in the video and at what time they start (go to youtube for easier jumping in the video)

List of the items:
0:47 Kelytha's Haunted Locket
1:42 Faded Wizard Hat
2:34 Orb of the Sin'Dorei
4:40 Savory Deviate Delight
5:30 Noggenfogger Elixir
5:54 Bones of Transformation and Wisp Amulet
6:24 Leyara's Locket
7:31 Iron Boot Flask
8:06 Darkspear Tribe
8:17 Gnomeregan Tribe
8:27 Dire Brew

I was not able to include every single transformation item in the game mainly because I don�t have the time and will to farm random mobs for ages or pay in real life money for them. All the items I�ve included in the video are obtainable by any casual player that would like to get some extra fun items :)
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