Spite and Malice vs Baleroc 25N (Arms Warrior POV) by Fearnot
Class: Warrior | Category: Dungeons / PvE | Server : US - Hellscream ( Rampage )
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Music by http://machinimasound.com/
Song1: Land of the Wizard
Song 2: Streets of the Unknown

So this was my 3rd boss fight of this entire Xpack as arms and my 1st since 4.2. I've barely raided as arms and haven't kept up with it at all. Made a lot of mistakes like opening with heroic leap/missing taste for blood procs and some other stuff.

All in all I liked arms but I'm waiting on a 2nd mace and going back to TG fury. Placed 16th for arms on this fight tho, as of 8/24/11

Spite and Malice vs Baleroc 25. Fearnot Hellscream - US alliance. Arms warrior POV.
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