Zage III by Zage
Class: Warrior | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Test Server EU (PvP)
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Zage's Arena Team 1
Sejf Crimzon
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So it's done, took me a week to record and edit so nothing major this time either. I do however have a better setup for getting footage now, so expect some more short videos in the future if you guys enjoy this one.

Consists of 2v2 as Warr/Druid and Dpriest/Warr against double dps mostly. And then 3v3 as WLP vs teams in the latest Tournament and a couple on the Qualification/Main Realm, all of the 3s games are with Skype. But in some of them I didn't get my voice recorded due to some codec I needed for Fraps, and when I did get my voice it was a bit too low, so I will improve on that in the future.

I'm aware that the video is too long, and some people might not watch it all. But it was either that or splitting the movie into two parts, one 2v2 and one 3v3, which would feel a bit weird and not like a full movie.

Tv on the Radio - Red Dress (Glitch Mob Remix)
Sick Puppies - You're Going Down
Temple Cloud - One Big Family (Hybrid Minds Remix)
Bloodhound Gang - The Great White Dope
Flux Pavillion - Digital Controller
Kraddy - Android Porn
Mord Fustang - Milky Way
Empire of the Sun - Walking on a Dream
Looptroop Rockers - Marinate
The Who - Eminence Front
In Flames - Worlds Within the Margin
Russian Titanic (I dont even know xD)

My UI:

AzCastbar (Castbars and Targetauras)
Losecontrol (Icons for CC/Silence/Immunity on everyone)
SnowfallKeyPress (Key activation on press-down)
Ghostpulse (Icons fading in to show what just came off CD)
Tidyplates (Cool nameplates with debuffs etc)
EventAlert (Icon Alerts for Procs)
Aesa (Enemy CD Tracker)
OmniCC (Timers for CDs on your abilities)
SpellNotifications (Alerts what you reflect/interrupt/dispell and UA)
Afflicted (Enemy CD Tracker)
NiceDamage (Dmg font)

Just go inside the WTF folder and change the name of the Account folder to yours, then the name of the Character folder to yours, and load the Bartender/Xperl Etc etc Profiles until you find the correct settings. Enjoy.

Check out my Youtube channel for short videos every week:
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