One Percent X Beth'tilac 10H by Jabarj
Class: Mage | Category: Dungeons / PvE | Server : US - Aerie Peak ( Nightfall )
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Movie Summary
One Percent is a Brazilian only guild on the server Aerie Peak - US.

This is "Ironforge Anvils"'s group kill on Heroic Beth'Tilac on Firelands...

After some hours wiping on our last raid day we ame in tonight decided to kill that spider... The fourth try of the night was one of the cleanest we ever had, it ended up leading to a wipe but was enough for us to get motivated and kill Beth'tilac on the next attempt.

The video is a multi-PoV video recorded By myself (Arcane Mage) and by Kathell (our tank up on the web). My Meter is set to show damage on Beth'tilac ^^

Songs are Motörhead's "Dead Man Tell no tales" and one of my personal favorites "All nightmare Long" from Metallica.

Group setup:
Niguinstyle - Protection Paladin
Kathell - Protection Warrior

Falliel - Discipline Priest
Bhakur - Holy Paladin
Bombis - Restoration Druid

Jabarj - Arcane Mage
Oenghus - Fury Warrior
Agnusdei - Shadow Priest
Littleblack - Frost DK
Markerofl - Marksmaship Hunter

Hope you guys enjoy the video...
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