Neidrah 2: Overspread by Neidrah
Class: Hunter | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Frostmane ( Misery )
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Neidrah's Arena Team 1
Lunatick Neidrah
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There it is, finally!

I had tons of clips since forever! But wasn't able to make the movie due mostly to lack of time... Well now, there you go! And I'm quite happy with the result! Btw Neidrah 3 should be ready soon as well!

The style is quite the same as in my last movie: Fast-paced action, noob owning, 1vX and tricks (btw, I put a lot of effort into syncing the music with the clips, so turn up the volume!) Although this time, as people asked for it, I also included some arena and duel and the editing is way better than before!

And of course, the point wasn't to show off any skill. This video is for entertainment purpose only.

00:00 World PvP
06:30 Bg PvP
09:00 Feral/Hunter arena (~2.2k)
13:15 Stormwind invasion
18:40 More World PvP!
22:50 Duel (against Lexikat, duel win/loss ratio = 15k/500)

(Song names are displayed in the movie)

I hope you enjoy! ♥!

➤If you liked that one, watch my last movie! (1v2 arena)

The trailer of this one (go watch it, the clips I used in it are actually not in the movie!)

My next movie will be coming out soon. Aside from world PvP and duel, that one will include ~2.2k rated 3v3 and 2v2, as well as some BM clips and more tricks than ever!
Oh and I might also make a video with the clips I recorded on my mage at the beginning of cata, just for the lulz! So stay tuned!

Edit: As a lot of people are asking about addons, macros, keybinds etc, I'll probably make a short video about all of the above. I'll tell you more about that soon!

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