Into the Dream - An Emerald Dream exploration by feangren
Class: Hunter | Category: Underground | Server : EU - Ysondre ( Vengeance )
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Hey !
This video is on Youtube since early July, but I didn't bother to upload it on WCM, so here it comes !


feangren from The Royal IdP Essploring Fundation ( ) brings you a 7-minutes video about the Emerald Dream, present in the game since launch.

The Dream is made of 3 zones : The Emerald Canyon, The Verdant Fields and The Emerald Forest. This place is HUGE (imagine the distance from Ironforge to Eastern Plaguelands) and mainly empty, expect for these 3 zones.

This video will NOT show how to go into the Dream because it's more gratifying to find by yoursefl instead of following a damn Youtube video.

Soundtrack is at the end of the video :)


Before you ask, it was filmed on 4.1 Live servers / 4.2 PTR and 4.2 Live server.
Oh, and yes, I know, there's a kind of "greenish" border at the right of the video, I have no idea why it's there -_-
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