WoW Music Video : Happy Halloween Maria by Khayllys
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Havn't uploaded something in a while xD so Happy Hallows End

This whole video is based on a song from the anime
"Umineko No Naku Koro Ni"
and here are some points to clear the lyric confusion:

1. Maria is a little girl that strongly believes in magic and witches

2. Beatrice is a witch who is kind of Maria's guardian

3. Maria is the only one who can see Beatrice because she's the only one who believes in her

4."My marked Rose" refers to a gift rose from Beatrice

5. Magic circles refer to the circles of blood Beatrice leaves behind after murdering family members at a reunion

6. The "uhh uhh"s refer to the magic word that makes everyone happy because Maria forgot the lyrics to a song and improvised with "uhh" and made her mother smile

7. Rabbits in the band and the trumpet refer to little rabbi figurines Maria had, one of them (the trumpet) got destroyed, they are her imaginary friends

8. Goats refer to goat soldiers Beatrice summons

9. The golden land is a place where all your dreams are supposed to come true

10. Sakutaro was Maria's stuffed animal lion, she brought him to life with her "magic" because she was lonely. Her mother kept on leaving her alone.

11. The black witch is probably her aunt Eva because she was cruel to Maria's mother in her childhood which in turn made her lash out at Maria

Lastly the whole song is based on a scene in which beatrice kills 5 members of her family and stuffs them with candies and cookies. She left a letter saying "Happy Halloween. For Maria"
Lyrics from MeltyBloodShiki
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