Alone in Cata: Alakir + Valiona by raegwyn
Class: Death Knight | Category: Dungeons / PvE | Server : EU - Onyxia ( Raserei )
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Raegwynsolo (Onyxia EU) outhealing Al´┐Żakir + Theralion and Valiona

The reason i make this vid is that i dont want to kill them in a few months with 4.3 gear or lvl 90 and make people think they are hard to outheal at that time
It´┐Żs the same at my 2 marrowgar videos i managed to outheal him at 80 what was way harder than solokilling him at 85

Al´┐Żakir is pretty easy healable P1 was already soloable before 4.1 with dark succur glyph but the dmg output was too low for p2 adds
And for all who are wondering i had i rocketboots Fail at alakir thats why im in the air^^

Theralion and Valiona have awesome soloing mechanics
Blackout: same CD as Antimagic Shield that makes you immune when you use it before (but you can also survive blackout without using AMS)
Twilight Meteor: does ~25k every second on a random target but when you keep moving it wont hit you
I also noticed 2 things:
1. Theralion and Valiona DON´┐ŻT share the same HP bar
when i died Theralion had ~ 74% and Valiona ~90%
2. Theralion does a LOT more damage than Valiona and his phase was the HARDEST healing challenge i have met so far at 85

Fury Sparks Dual Mix:
Tales of Symphonia Fighting of the Spirit Remix:
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