Madness of Deathwing vs Play (10 man Fury Warrior POV) by Fearnot
Class: Warrior | Category: Dungeons / PvE | Server : US - Hellscream ( Rampage )
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Our 4th or 5th attempt and a new Platform strat proved to be an exciting and intense kill. While we raid 10 man we still managed to win the race for the server first Madness even tho we waited a day so our rogue could gather extra shards. It was a fairly clean and well executed attempt and I'm glad we got it.

The fight itself felt pretty epic and had a fairly good DPS and Healing check to it even on 10 man. You can see we almost wiped at the very end but our shadow priest Xulu managed to save Azeroth for everyone!

Song 1: LMFAO & Skrillex - Party Rock Anthem (PlusFOUR Mashup Remix)
Song 2: Skrillex - Kill Everybody (Crystalised Remix)
Song 3: Two Steps From Hell - Fight The Darkness
Song 4: Two Steps From Hell - Dragon Rider

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