Back to the Lichking by Oozo
Class: Multiple | Category: PvP | Server : US - Uther ( Whirlwind )
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Movie Summary
This movie is made for fun and entertainment. It's a mixture of PvP, tricks, and humor.

I came back to WoW from Warhammer pretty late into Lichking. I figured that the best way to relearn the game was to play a wide variety of classes. That is why most of what you see here is levelling footage.

Classes/levels played in movie:

50-70 feral druid
80 moonkin
70 shadowpriest
mid-70s hunter
60 prot warrior (twink)
70 rogue
70 deathknight

And, I can't believe I forgot to put in any real 80 deathknight footage. :P

I really had to rush this project since I have a new computer and a new game INC shortly. I decided to go ahead and put out something with flaws rather than put out nothing at all. If I had more time, I'd definitely fix a few things and change some of the content... and add some 80 DK footage. But, it has to stay what it is. Hopefully, it gets a few laughs here and there. :)


The first main song is 99 Problems by Jay-Z (Prodigy Remix). There are several versions.

The version in this movie is actually an edit I did using the two songs above. You can find that here:

The second main song is Derezzed by Daft Punk (Rythm Scholar Remix). I personally love most of the Rythm Scholar remixes that he has done, and I've used them extensively in my last few movies. You can find this song and others at his webpage:

The rogue/robot part is an edit I put together from Excision's Shambhala Remix collection. You'll have to search for that as the old links have vanished. :(

The last main song is Black Smoke by The Prodigy.

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