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/edit (and plx READ)
This was made linking the "speed" of the video file to values extracted from the audio. In the process of "importing files into the project" up to "let's render that fucker" I never took a look at the movie and how it would turn out, that's what the "making-of" is for, it's there for a reason.

-This Isn't The Way I Would Edit A Video If I Took A Serious Shot At Editing-


Synch started as an editing test out of curiosity...
It was created using an "abstract" way of editing the footage to the music.
I'm sorry for the low quality, it's a recut of "DrakeDog 7 Next".
I also uploaded a making-of, however, you won't understand shit unless you're a bit familiar with after effects and how it works.

edIT - Screening Phone Calls

Link to Making-of:

Have Fun

Feel free to downrate (yes, downrate all you want here so you don't have to downrate movies that are actually good).
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