Realm of Fire - Teaser by k4li
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Hey fellow Azerothians,

im looking for players who are willing to take part in a beautiful and badass movie about the encounters of the Firelands. A fun group without any hardcore ambitions who just want a sweet memory expressed through this film. Native english speakers would be my first choice, especially because i love the british humour ;) but ofc im not a racist. You can be a group or a guild and i wanna say in advance that i will not stay cos i cant due to my demanding reallife. I will quit playing WoW after the footage is shot and pay you with nothing less than immortality. This will not be like anything i did before. This one will be my WoW masterpiece.

Story in a nutshell

A bear tank and an Undead tank are the protagonists. They are old buddies and will stand side by side facing the fiery abominations lurking beneath the lava.
The end of this teaser, trailer or whatever you might call it is the reunion of those two main charakters on the Elder Rise in Thunderbluff. I chose a bear cos i liked the contrast to the forsaken and the style and history of Druids. Also i love the contrast between Thunderbluff and the Firelands which is exactly blooming life and tranquility vs searing rivers and molten death emerging from every stone you turn around. There will be some story lines here and there but the emphasis is on the atmosphere and on the encounters, battles and abilities of bosses and players, which will be presented and sometimes featured because it is the core of the gaming experience.


As always this will be a clean movie which means no UI is shown. It is for people who play WoW and for people who never heard of this game. I will record without ingame sound and completely edit the sound myself afterwards as i did in this trailer. When the movie is completely finished and gets an overwhelming feedback i might pitch for voice actors and replace the text.

What does that mean for you?

It means that i will play as one of 2 main tanks (the undead obviously) and that a bear tank (tauren) is mandatory as the 2nd tank. It will mostly be normal gameplay and sometimes i would say something like:''pls stop jumping around'' or ''please create a semi circle now'' ;) and it would be a great bonus if you guys had a sense of aesthetics which means i would love to see some cool tier skins like oldschool T2
or whatever looks most badass for your class. this movie is fun, darkness and sunlight but will feature no clownish, multi-coloured compositions or unicorns. It shouldnt take longer than 3-4 raid ids and if you are willing to sometimes wipe voluntarily we can get it done in one or two ;)

Hope you liked this clip and if you are interested in helping me out your reward will be priceless. Server doesnt matter, will transfer. it has to be EU though.

Just contact me and tell me what your ambitions are with this. You can also at any point share your own inspirations and i will consider it.
I need soulful people who appreciate art, atmosphere, humour and first and foremost goosebumps while watching a movie.

*cheers* from Berlin
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