Tom Cruise Bladestorm 2 by Beowuulf
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Wow, post a new vid on Friday.
inbox full of hatemail on monday.
But hey, it's the internet, what else to expect :)

Okey, first off:
Yes, I agree with most you guys. It's not close to the original now that I rewatch it.
It's hard to make a video by your own, you kinda get tunnel vision. And you don't know whats funny or not anymore, due to you watching the same joke over and over and over while editing.
The same thing with the Bladestorm 1 vid. I actually dont think its that good, because I got bored while editing.
I should have tested it with some more friends, or waited some days to rewatch it before release.
But it's done and there. Just deal with it like another bad movie here om WCM (no offence to anonye but those who feels offended).
But then, at the end of the day. Its just a bad movie.
No one died, it didnt kill your parents (at least I hope not) by you watching it.
To be honest, im actually a bit surprised by all the fuzz it's gotten.
I guess people expected more, and some got dissapointed. That's fair enough, and i take self critisizm for that.
But im not going to remove the video just because some of you say so. If anything, it's a reminder for me to quality check better before release for later films.

Now, and about the content.
As with the original, I took something that people were whining about in the PVP forums and buildt it after that.
This vid is no personal vendeta against Ferals, I just took what people were whining about and exaggerated it.
I actually had no intent to make an sequel, but after sooo many requests, I just did it to please the crowd.
Which was hard, i had to go through TONS of intviews to find something to build on. The original one pretty much wrote it self.
I've seen some comments abot that I should have audio-dubbed the questions my self, or kept them plain text.
I did actually concider both, and I DID actually record the audio files. But the way the interview goes, its so... Together with what he asked and the answers from cruise, sO i ended up trying a mix.
But yeah, I did actually concider both options.
In editing, i have actually edited the questions and answers quite a bit. I've shortened answers, extended, and removed bits. I've actually edited them alot.
Which again in the first video, it was so "self-written" that i didnt have to. So from a techical perspective, this is actually far supreme movie :P

To end this.
I encourage any of you, if you find any interview parts or ideas. Make an own video, or share the ideas with me if you dont know how to make a video.
It's hard writing material alone, and it's quite tideous.

By this I hope the Interwebs will forgive me for my insolence, and I will also sacrifice 3 lambs and a virgin to please the masses.

[I am not going to spell check this shitz]

Tom Cruise Bladestorm 2!
The long awaited sequel is here.
I can't promise it will be as good as the original, which was golden (mostly thanks to Tom Cruise being hilarious by his own).

I had to waterstamp with my username on youtube it this time, there were actually a lot of guys that tried to steal the video last time and claim it as their own.
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