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Class: Priest | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Kor'gall ( Nightfall )
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Salokín Zyano
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Priest / Mage PoVs

Cata is boring, tried to make this as entertaining as possible. I've stopped playing for >1month now to play SC2, will return for Mists.
The movie is a little shorter than I would've liked but with the lack of players queueing at high rating on my Bgrp made it almost impossible especially since the standard Cata match is just plain boring no matter the PoV.

All of that aside like I said I tried to poke around with it for quite some time and make it as super cool"!" as I could and I hope you find it entertaining.

I play Blood Elf, the UD is just a model edit.
EDIT: The model edit is called Evermorph, v simple to use.


Subkulture - Erasus (Escapist Remix)
I Will Never Be The Same - Worldless (Luna Sequence Remix)
Blue Stahli - Takedown
Pendulum - Crush
Puscifer - The Undertaker (Renholder Remix)
XXX Car Ride - So Far (Luna Sequence Remix)


Blackmill - Spirit of Life

Be sure to rate + comment but most of all enjoy!
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