How to Make 150k gold Plus per day! by NLGG
Class: Paladin | Category: How To/Guides | Server : US - Maelstrom ( Shadowburn )
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***also this movie was made 2 months ago so prices may be different and my ret pally isn't the best geared on the server anymore**

**if you liked this video check out my channel on youtube that is increasing in popularity***

In this video I cover exactly what I was talking about in the last 2 videos and once again go back out into the fields of azeroth and hunt down the illusive ORE! From there i will save all the infernos I get as well as prospect all the ore. Do alittle crafting, disenchanting and also alchemy to make a bunch of gold in 1 session.

All that is required to make the bulk of the gold is:

525 Mining
525 Jewelcrafting
525 Alchmey

If you don't have JC then you could sell the ore you make and buy carneliens and then use alchemy to infernos.
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