Wow windwalker monk pvp/duels/tips by Eatmopie
Class: Monk | Category: PvP | Server : US - Kael'thas ( Rampage )
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Windwalker monk PVP
The majority of this is duels on several fresh premade monks on several different servers.
I am by no means a pro obviously,I make a lot of mistakes, and I even lose a duel here
and there... Currently bg ques are very long and for over lvl 87 do not exist.
I am looking for players to duel and pvp with,but there isn't much pvp on the one
pvp server in the beta....Anyway, I hope this is entertaining and I will continue to try
and find good players to gank/fight because there are to few decent monks representing how
awesome and fun to play the class is.

Disclaimer: This footage is recorded from Beta...The monk class has been changed completely
several times thus far in the beta and I will not be supprised if it changes in a major way

I went with some old music because some times dubstep/trance etc. just doesn't fit lol

Track list:
soilwork-Neurotica Rampage
soilwork-Generation Speedkill
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