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This is my lvl 90 dwarf monk - Pieguy on the Gilneas pvp beta server
The beta has been quite buggy the past few days... weeks.. lol
beta is beta, but in between being stuck on the loading screen for the
better part of 2 days this time. I was able to do a bit of soloing in Mogu'Shan
Palace a lvl 87-90 instance the hardest of the available dungeons prior
to Heroics, The second boss has multiple enemies some that stun so it will be much more difficult to solo and I won't be able to complete it in my current gear I-Lvl 437. There is pretty much zero lvl 90 pvp right now so I'm going
to focus on pve for a bit until they give the players that stand around
and don't lvl up free lvl 90 toons to test.

Thanks for watching!

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The Greatest Video Game Music - 2011 -
London Philharmonic Orchestra

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World of Warcraft: season of war
Final Fantasy VIII:Liberi Fatali
Legend of Zelda: Suite
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